Reiki Lady

Reiki Lady
My name is Amy. Welcome to my corner of the human web. I am a Reiki master, a natural healer, a mystic. I believe in healing the whole body, physical and spiritual. This includes healing the connectedness of our human experience. I use my Reiki talent as well as my poetry and short stories to coax out and nurture this healing process.

This website is my place of imagination, an open exploration of faith, spirituality, and healing. l grew up in a fundamental evangelical Christian environment, but my personal spirituality has expanded far bigger and more loving than that narrow world view. I believe that all religions and spiritual paths offer us Wisdom. I admire all of the great spiritual teachers, and I strive to practice my healing gift in the path of Jesus (Yeshua), history’s greatest healer. I also like to write stories imagining the pain and healing in Jesus’s world, far messier than the black and white message I always heard in church.

I am glad that you have found my page. Please stay awhile and explore. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section of my blog. I also offer private and group Reiki sessions.

Amy Scurry, MM

The Greatest Truth

tree stream
[] jtkunley, licensed under royalty free
The trees call to me,
whispering, shouting,
dancing, singing.

Emerald leaves, opaque words,
shadows of words.

Strong, lithe.
Swaying in the breezes
of Time.

Rocking the universe,
a sleepy baby.

New life.
Ancient soul.
Each leaf a star,
melting into green

The trees tell me
the greatest truth,
to know yourself.

Humans are under a curse,
they murmur.
Not the curse of the garden.
The curse of Not Knowing.

The curse of Not Knowing means:

You harm
because you do not know yourself.

– Amy Scurry, 2011

siamese kitten
[Pixabay] TaniaVdB, licensed under Creative Commons

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